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The economy is developing and growing, and with that, thousands of construction projects initiated. Each of these construction sites contains expensive materials, equipment, and different assets onsite, leading to the increase in demand for construction security services.

Moreover, these construction sites are susceptible to criminal activities like theft and vandalism, especially when no one is around at night. The equipment, material, and machinery used for construction are valuable, and no constructor can afford to lose them. Other than crimes, there are several accidents that can happen at the construction site, which can result in severe injuries and casualties, and firms have to pay hefty compensations. These are just a number of the construction security risks that contractors face. So, by selecting a reliable construction site security company, you can mitigate all potential risks of your site.

Further, Scaife Protection Services is reputable for its innovative and proactive security services. We have worked with several construction firms on big scale and small scale tasks. We also use the latest technology and solutions to provide ultimate protection to your site.

In addition, our method to develop onsite security is first to turn out to be a deterrent through maximum exposure. So, for big scale projects, we have installed security cameras and develop a command center with a regular patrol of the property. 

For small scale projects, we secure the property premises and have deployed guards on site. 

Moreover, we realize that our clients' assets need to be protected as efficiently as possible. We ask our clients to schedule a free comprehensive security assessment of their site; we possess several options that best fit your needs. From our armed guards to patrolling and our security camera systems, we devise a security plan that secures your assets and provides you with the peace of mind you want.

Why Choose Scaife Protection Services For Your Construction Site Security?

Our security services make sure that expensive construction machines, tools, and materials, which can cost the builders thousands of dollars, are protected from theft and vandalism. Furthermore, we offer personalized security services that depend on the size and risk exposure of the construction size. Also, many real estate builders and contractors view us as the best choice for reliable construction service. So, below are some key aspects that have allowed us to gain a reputable name as a quality security company:

1. Security against vandalism and arson

2. Offering a wide range of security solutions

3. Preventing trespassers from getting into the construction site and putting themselves at risk

4. 24/7 security

5. Highly trained security guards

6. Customized security service for every type of construction site

7. Utilizing CCTV and other safety equipment

8. Incident free security services

9. Reporting of daily activities

10. Closely working with building owners and management

11. Deter crime and violence

12. Quick alarm response

13. Cheap security services

24-Hour Protection and Customized Security Plans 

With our security guard services, you can avail several benefits. Our services help reduce theft and damages and also relieve your staff of the burden of routine security procedures. Our guards are specialized in all aspects of construction site security processes, which include patrol and perimeter checks, gate access control for visitors and cars and VIP escorts, and activity reports. So, what do daily activity reports include? It includes monitoring truck logs, material watch logs, equipment movement logs, and much more. In case of any incident, we will provide a detailed and correct report. Also get in touch with local police or the fire department if suitable.

Moreover, our guards will arrive in proper uniforms. Also, our guards are supervised by management by visiting the area during shift and tracked through a time clock and detex GPS tracking system. 

So, for more information or details, you can contact us at (323) 786-8140 or send us an email at

Scaife Protection Services offers security and security guard services wherever security and guard services are required or needed. Let us provide you with a guard that is able to perform security guard services for your security needs. Our security guard services are the best as our guard services and security guards are focused on your security.


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