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At Scaife Protection Services, we offer expert unarmed security guards services for our valuable clients of every type. Our dedication and hard work have made us one of the most reliable and reputable security company in the industry.

One of the specialities of our professional security company is our thorough background checking when employing security guards. Due to this rigorous screening method and selection process, we end up employing the best security guards. Moreover, they are also tested for drugs and cleared. Our security guards have also undergone rigorous training, and due to this, they are able to take full responsibility in terms of the security of our valuable clients and their properties.

Moreover, all of the guards in our company have a Bureau of Security and Investigative Services license. So this is the main reason behind their professionalism.

Why Should We Hire An Unarmed Security Guard?

If you run a business or own a house in one of the metropolitan areas, then it becomes essential to protect your belongings and property from theft, vandalism, and other illegal activities. In recent years, we have also seen an upsurge in crimes, vandalism, and thefts. 

Hiring security guards is one of the best ways to make sure your home is properly secured, and that also includes your employees and clients. In case you are questioning whether or not security guards are right for you, we at Scaife Protection Services are here and will help you apprehend the value our  security guard service offers.

Our guards possess expertise in averting various incidents. This include graffiti, felony, vandalism, and so on. It  could disturb the smooth operation of your business. Similarly to businesses, we provide our professional security services for special events, government facilities, concerts, and many other venues.

Not only all of our security guards are professional to address all the complex situations; however, we also keep ourselves abreast with the latest security methods and make sure that they adhere to the industry standards. The timely training programs we provide covers all of the general security. For example, the training consists of areas inclusive of the power to arrest, observing and reporting, antiterrorism, fire watch, patrolling, first aid and CPR, communication, and various other standards. We also give proper training to our security guards to address other aspects. This include guard shack placement, visitor logs, issuing tickets, creating inventory and truck logs, and much more!

Why Scaife Protection Services?

Also, the mere presence of our unarmed security staff is enough to mitigate potential threats like robbery, vandalism, break-ins. We firmly believe in maintaining the highest standards, and for this purpose, we continuously monitor our unarmed security guards through their cellphones, radios, and so on.

Scaife Protection Services unarmed security guards provide a sense of safety and make sure that your house, employees and clients always have peace of mind. Our guards have the required training, professionalism, and experience to deal with any complex security issue. Further, one of the essential aspects of Scaife Protection Services is that we provide bespoke, cost-effective solutions to match the exact desires of our valuable clients. All you need is to get in touch with us and inform us about your requirements.

Moreover, we have never believed in one-size-fits-all solutions. So, it is must you get in touch with us and let us know what you want. Our management and security officers at Scaife Protection Services focuses on offering a effective security solution. The one that is custom-made to satisfy your needs. Irrespective you require unarmed guards or armed guards at your place or your commercial enterprise; we offer security offerings 24/7.

Scaife Protection Services offers security and security guard services wherever security and guard services are required or needed. Let us provide you with a guard that is able to perform security guard services for your security needs. Our security guard services are the best as our guard services and security guards are focused on your security.


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