Do you worry about the protection of your assets? As a business owner, you definitely need to show some concern about it. Scaife Protection Services provides you with the opportunity to hire professional private security guard services. We have unarmed security guards and armed security guards who possess a license to carry a weapon. The essential aspect that you need to keep in mind is that our guards are calm and dependable. You certainly don’t need a security guard service that does not show professionalism when working with you.

In several situations, armed security services are only needed when there is something valuable that requires protection. The items such as cash, jewelry, antiques, and artwork that we have protected in the past. Our guards are not just the standard ones; they possess a military background and are law enforcement officials who possess the right skills and training that you need to get the things efficiently. We are the ones that you can count.

Professional Armed Security Guard Features

No matter what you categorize as a valuable asset, we can protect it. Also, we have been hired to provide executive security to protect people, secure casinos, banks, and much more. Anywhere and anytime you need the security services, we are there at your service. If you own a retail shop, our guards can protect it as well. The bigger the building, the more armed professionals are needed. We rarely use weapons when it comes to handling a situation, but if it demands, then we will use them. We are available 24 hours to escort and serve all of your executive security needs.

Moreover, to provide proper security and protection, you need professionals who are highly trained. Unreliable and less professional guards increase the probability of your businesses facing severe damages. In case you need emergency executive security services immediately, we are available to provide assistance. The guard we dispatch will be at your place, ready to help and serve you in no time.

The important attribute of private security is they need to be calm and patient. The need to analyze the situation and evaluate any dangers before they occur. The initial step involves evaluating, and this is something that we are best at. This analysis helps us in identifying all the risks and prevent them from happening and cause you a major loss. At Scaife Protection Services, we offer comprehensive security services.

Customer Service

Our professional security guards also provide excellent customer service. A guard can sit at the front desk or act as a watchman to control the access of the building. This also implies that there will be a continuous interaction with the customer and clients. Our guards can guide people in the right direction so they can reach the right location without facing any hassles. A guard is also available to provide escorting services after dark, which makes everyone feel secure. Hiring Scaife Protection Services personable and capable guards that allow you to communicate that your business is safe and secure, and customer-oriented.

How They Handle A Suspected Crime?

Our security guards have received different levels of training when it comes to actively respond to a crime, and it all depends on the type of business. Others may be able to arrest the suspects. Also, it depends on the business to decide whether they need an armed or unarmed guard and what procedures to be followed when handling a suspect or if a crime occurs. Scaife Protection Services are highly qualified to manage every type of security. Also, hiring the services from a reputable company makes sure that the guard will act accordingly when faced with criminal activity on business premises.

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Scaife Protection Services offers security and security guard services wherever security and guard services are required or needed. Let us provide you with a guard that is able to perform security guard services for your security needs. Our security guard services are the best as our guard services and security guards are focused on your security.


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