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Businesses of all types are facing severe security issues. The latest cameras and security systems alone are not enough and can not replace the physical security that security companies can offer. Since 1997, companies of all sizes and have industries have relied on our office security guard services to manage their protection needs. Whenever a worse situation arises, our clients can feel confident that our team of certified security officers will handle the issue with professionalism.

At Scaife Protection Services, you can hire our security services 24 hours a day, and we offer you with best, dependable business security services whenever you need them. Our comprehensive security services are tailored to meet your requirements, regardless of the kind or level of security you need.

So if you are a business owner, you realize that keeping your staff, clients, and assets protected is one of your primary responsibilities. Irrespective of the size, every business is at risk for severe security threats. Also, having premium protection offerings is not always a luxury; during these times, it is a necessity.

Office Security Services You Can Count On 

When you want a commercial security company you can count on, then look no further and get in touch with us immediately. We possess a team of reliable, competent, and trained guards. We assist companies in reducing risks such as theft, vandalism, and fire by offering security solutions inclusive of:

1. Manage access control to parking areas and buildings

2. Implement property regulations and policies

3. Look out for suspicious behavior

4. Carry out regular mobile patrols

5. Report security incidents to company management and law enforcement

6. Prompt response to emergencies

7. Offer fire watch services

8. Front gate protection

9. Assist personnel and customers in an evacuation

10. Manage discontented personnel or customers

11. Mitigate violent situations

12. Maintain order in parking areas and garages

Why You Should Hire Security Guards – Scaife Protection Services


Further, at Scaife Protection Services, we work with a number of professional security personnel in the industry. Most of our guards are retired military or law enforcement personnel, so you know that they possess years of experience handling various difficult situations. 

Apart from their vast training, they get robust additional skills by numerous training options which are provided by us. So, this guarantees that our guards are well-prepared for all rising security issues and know how to use the latest security technology.


At Scaife Protection Services, we feel pride in our reputation for being honest and upfront at all levels of our business. So when our guards arrive at your location, you can have peace of mind realizing that they will act in the best interests of your business.


Moreover, we are passionate about our work. They work hard to protect your business. Further to years of experience and unrivaled training, our guards offer ultimate security services which are unparalleled in the industry. The visible presence of one of our guards on your property will deter criminals from trying to make your business a target. And, the expert security team shows your employees and customers that you give utmost care about their safety.

Are You Prepare To Work With Professional Security Guard Company? 

Scaife Protection Services is the leading, comprehensive security guard company in the State of California. Like our highest security services standards, we also offer armed and unarmed guards for clients in industries such as an event, residential, construction, hospitals, executive protection, corporate events, and trade shows. 

Moreover, contact our team of professionals today to find out more about our services and how our team can assist you in this regard. So, get in touch for more information by calling us at (323) 786-8140 or emailing us at

Scaife Protection Services offers security and security guard services wherever security and guard services are required or needed. Let us provide you with a guard that is able to perform security guard services for your security needs. Our security guard services are the best as our guard services and security guards are focused on your security.


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