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Scaife Protection Services offers the highest standard high-rise building security service. Some believe that the most effective way to protect a building properly is to get all the individuals out, lock the doors, secure all windows, and deployed fully armed guards at all corners.

However, the purpose of constructing a building is to use it, and the activities individuals do inside represent the livelihoods of several tenants and the ones who are visiting the building. The main difference lies in how you secure the building and plan for emergency evacuation. Scaife Protection Services will develop a security plan which includes custom-made post orders, schedules, reports, and direct communications in case of emergency.

Comprehensive High-Rise Building Security– Tailored Security Solutions

Scaife Protection Services invests time and resources to identify your particular security requirements. Our strategy to high-rise security is proactive and is customized with your requirements. It is to make sure that your building receives the premium level security. Also, we make sure that your tenants are safe inside the building. 

Moreover, we take rise building security very seriously. We develop layers of protection to assure that all stakeholders are secure and protected at the same time as maintaining privacy. We perform safety risk evaluation of the building, identify potential threats and dangers, and suggest risk mitigation strategies to the management of the building for suitable security measures. Also, our vigilant and alert security guards will efficiently and promptly respond to any unpleasant situation that occurs.

Offer Professional Building Services To Valuable Clients

At Scaife Protection Services, we possess expertise in offering responsive and cordial security officers. Our security service includes:

Access Control

We offer reliable access control to individuals who are allowed on-premises and within your building as well.

On-site Analysis

Our officers will monitor your property premises so they can provide immediate response on emergencies and or alarms.

Reception Service

Our experts excel at offering a courteous and professional reception staff for your building.

Mobile/Foot Patrol

Our patrolling service can significantly reduce or deter crime and intrusion inside and around your high-rise building.

Mail Control

Our professional security guards can efficiently facilitate your mail and package delivery to tenants. 

Emergency Response

Our security guards keep tenants safe and secure in case of emergencies and life-threatening situations by following standard evacuation protocols. They can also help with the large-scale evacuation.

Visitor/Tenant Control

Our professional security guards make certain the proper identification verification and escort the visitors to keep your tenants and residents’ safe from any sort of harm.

Power System Management

Our security officers properly monitor power systems and alarms to keep all tenants secure.

Security Monitoring

We continuously monitor our guards and building personnel for maintaining the highest safety and security standards.

Video Monitoring

Video monitoring is the most common security method that we use for a residential high rise. Also, it comes along with a card access system.

Security Risk Assessment

Our management specialists will perform both professional physical security surveys and security risk assessment of the building. It is to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.

Fire Prevention Survey

Our professional team of workers will conduct a fire prevention survey to identify related risks and for preparing an effective fire prevention plan. It will be in accordance with the fire department code.

Moreover, we work closely with our clients to implement effective security measures. The security solution will be customized based on clients’ needs and budgets. Also, your tenants and occupants will appreciate the added security and likely maintain a long-term tenancy. We make a secure and comfortable living ambiance for your residential sector. Also, with our affordable price assurance, we are able to meet or beat any competitor’s price.

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Scaife Protection Services offers security and security guard services wherever security and guard services are required or needed. Let us provide you with a guard that is able to perform security guard services for your security needs. Our security guard services are the best as our guard services and security guards are focused on your security.


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